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Conservative Candidates For Change Back To A Student And Parent Focus


Doing these things will restore confidence in our schools and make RRISD a destination district once again.


Superintendent Hiring Failure and Corrupt Reinstatement after Dixon Report Investigation 

The current RRISD school board has failed the community in their most important charge by hiring an unqualified, incompetent superintendent.

Too Many Students and Families Have Lost Confidence in RRISD

Fleeing of students — More than 5,000 students have withdrawn (10% of the students have opted out of RRISD).

A growing number of families have lost confidence in RRISD schools.

Teachers and Key Staff Have Fled in Record Numbers

Budget Crisis Threatens our Students

Unacceptable Decline in Student Academic Performance

Parental Rights UNDER ATTACK

Elected and unelected leaders have lost their way by spending time, energy and money on programs and priorities that have nothing to do with children. Many of our students aren’t reading on grade level.