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Election Day, Tuesday November 8th, Poll Volunteer Sign Up
This is the most vital day of the whole election! Thank you for your help!

Election Day is fast approaching and we need as many volunteers as possible to help us cover the 35 polling stations and as many shifts as possible. This is the MOST IMPORTANT day of all the days so far in this long election battle.  Please consider taking time off your job and helping us all day or half day if at all possible.  Any time you can give is valuable!  We appreciate you!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.  We are providing training to all on Sunday and Monday.  If you miss those trainings we can also quickly train you at the poll location when you arrive.  Flyers to pass out to voters will be provided to you. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration in helping us with this crucial role..your support is truly invaluable and greatly appreciated!     

Volunteer Coordinator, Christina Cooper

This is important for during the days you volunteer so you can stay in touch with our coordination team.
If you want to volunteer all day, just select the top option. Alternatively, you can multiple times you would like to serve on election day. Just check multiple boxes.
If you don't have a preference we can pick one for you where most needed.
If you don't have a preference we can pick one for you where most needed.